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VPS Plus Energy Efficient Electric Ceramic Panel Heaters

The contemporary style of VPS energy efficient electric panel heater allows them to blend into any room in your home. Since they can be mounted to your walls, they are an great choice when space is tight. In short, these panels heaters are the ideal heating solution for your home: they look well aestetically, don't take up a lot of space and due to ther ceramic inlay, you will save money. If you want an environment that's cosy with direct heating, where and when you wish, these panel heaters are the perfect choice for you!




Many rooms such as bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, guest toilets or workrooms may have relatively lower usage. Of course, there will be times when these rooms need to be warm and with traditional heating systems this can become expensive. If you don't want to sacrifice the luxury of a warm room and still save money, VPS Electric Panel Heaters are the perfect option for you. They allow you to heat up rooms for short periods at affordable prices.


product features:


  • Outputs of up to 2.3kW

  • In-built fully programmable controller, highly accurate management to reduce running costs of your VPS electric heater

  • Patented heat retention tablet deliver greater energy efficiency than a standard convector heater

  • The high quality aluminium element has a large surface area which warms up quickly and distributes heat in an effective way.

  • The unique Design and features included ensures low surface temperatures on the electric heater

  • it has twin overheat protection

  • Wall mounted and free-standing options are available

  • IP X4 splash proof allows use in bathrooms and wet spaces

  • This slim range is 68cm deep

  • Patented heat retention tablets are made from ceramic material that's 100% bio-degradable and can potentially reduce electricity usage by up to 10% compared to traditional electric panel heaters

  • 5yr manufacture's warranty with 2yrs on electronic controls

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