IPS Infrared Panels


Our TECHNOTHERM ISP wall/ceiling panels utilise the principles of radiant heating (infrared heating). The unique surface finishes and even distribution of heat across the panel surface, maximise the output of heat in the form of far infrared radiation, whilst reducing convection to a minimum. Radiant heat heats objects, rather than air, to allow for a comfortable heat and also minimise air movement.

IPS Aluminium Infrared Panels

IPS Design, with glass front panel, Infrared Panels

IPS Motif, Infrared Panels 

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Panels are built to the highest standards using Teflon coated wire, a patented clip technology to fix wiring and compacted rockwool to minimise waste to the rear of the panel.

Panels are compatible with Technotherm TPF radio frequency controls and Tydom 1.0 connection to mobile phone apps.

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