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Dimplex Q-Rad Panel Heaters

Q-Rad panel heaters combine the latest, most advanced technology, to give you maximum control over your electric heaters. Choose when you want heat and at what temperature using the intuitive Heater Control. Then sit back and let Q-Rad take care of the rest.

Dimplex Q-Rad
Dimplex Q-Rad
Dimplex QRAD

Q-Rad monitors the effect of its actions on the temperature of the room. It knows exactly how long it takes to get to the required temperature and when to turn off as it approaches that target temperature. This minimises the energy used, while maximising comfort.

Taking design cues from the Quantum storage heater, making it ideal for use in bedrooms where these storage heater is installed in living areas. Q-Rad is sleek, slim and stylish. It combines good looks with flexible installation options, Q-Rad is ideal for use in many applications, including in place of conventional panel heaters.

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