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                                                                         ATC Lifestyle Sunray Efficient Electric Heater

Lifestyle Sunray Plus Electric Heaters are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, efficient, low energy, stylish, easy to operate and install. They are ideal for Homes, Apartments, Offices, Care Centres, Hospitals and much more. The Lifestyle range of electric radiators are digitally controlled. The digital electric heater can be easily programmed directly with various settings including day by day, hour by hour in either comfort mode or economy mode.












Lifestyle Electric oil filled heaters are manufactured from individual cast Aluminium elements and filled with a very high quality Thermal Emission oil. During manufacture the panels (heating elements) of the radiators are individually powdercoated with polymerised epoxy resin which ensures top corrosion resistance and gives the overall electric heater a flawless finish. The panels are then joined together to make the radiator using a patented unique elastic silicone joint between each panel. This ensures complete sealing during the life of the electric heater. Every heater is then pressure tested and visually checked for faults. Guaranteeing Long Life and a Minimum Warranty of 10 Years on the aluminium body, 2 years on heating elements and electrics.

electric heater

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