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German Manufacturer’s Efficient Electric Heating Solutions are a Big Hit in the UK


Technotherm International alongside UK County Councils, ran a 3-year intense testing and monitoring study, on energy efficient, electric radiators. The results were very positive.

Over 600 households were involved in the joint study between 2010 and 2014. Testing was carried out in multi-storey tower blocks, 2 bedroom low-rise flats and 3 bedroom maisonettes. The councils were delighted at the savings. Now, over 70 Social Housing Bodies in the U.K. endorse the Technotherm heating solutions. And, there are over 15,000 systems installed to date.







The Survey Stats –


  • Over 96% of the tenants found it easy to use the system.

  • Over 95% Improved Cleaner Heat Environment! Some people reported a reduction in problems related to respiratory conditions and better sleeping comfort during the night.

  • Over 95% reported how simple it was to control the level of heat.

  • Over 85% were happy with the quality and quantity of the heat produced

  • And, Over 96% were comfortable making the heating system work for them!


100% efficient –


  • No boiler required

  • ZERO heat loss through flues, water and pipe runs.

  • These speciality radiators give 150% more radiant heat than oil or gas systems.

  • Lower thermostatic control losses, as the temperature is maintained within +/- 0.2 °C.

  • 65% less energy, on average, in terms of kW/hrs than oil or gas heating systems.

  • No zoning losses, each room is an independent zone. And, independently controllable.

 Sustainable - 

  • As electricity providers move to renewable electricity generation, with some providers already offering 100% green electricity, reduce your carbon footprint.


Maintenance –

  • Technotherm radiators are virtually maintenance free and considered ‘fit and forget’.

  • No associated plumbing maintenance costs.


Installation costs –

  • All installations are much less invasive for the tenant.

  • Cheaper than gas on a like for like system.

  • Electric Heating Solutions can bring your project from the planning stage to completion, providing you with the highest level of expertise and experience.


Modernise –

  • Check or manage your heating system, or just one room, from work, the pub, the restaurant or the couch! The new mobile App will save you time and money!


It’s Safer –

  • No carbon monoxide risk.


Our Guarantee-

  • 12-year warranty on the radiators.

  • 2-year warranty for electronic controls

  • 1-year warranty on installation.


Electric Heating Solutions


Electric Heating Solutions is a family run business, specialising in electric heating systems. Ross Argue is a Registered Electrical Contractor. He holds Bachelor's Degree in both Electrical Services Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in Renewable Energy. He has 22 years’ experience in the electrical industry. The last 10 years he have been working with energy efficient, electric heating systems. 


Ross promotes the use of sustainable, low energy, electric heating systems where viable. He aims to provide you with a high-level service. You will be 100% satisfied, from the first quote to job completion. And, enjoy long-term usage of a aesthetically positive , effective, efficient, heating system.


Technotherm International


Technotherm International are based in Germany. They are recognised across the world as a major player in the premium standard "electric heating service” market, having radiators distributed in over 30 countries. They have been in business for over 30 years and, have been continuously improving their products into the now comprehensive and high-quality range for home and business heating solutions.


These new developments have produced the most efficient electrical heating solutions with cutting edge control systems. They incorporate modern designs and most of all, quality German engineering.



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